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Aerospace Quality Management System Standards
JISQ 9100/9001 certified.

NAKANO INC. is certified in JISQ 9100, a quality management system standard for aerospace industry, to enter the business of machining parts for aircraft and aerospace.

Since the manufacturing stage, JISQ 9100 is a quality management standard for aerospace industry. To fit the JISQ 9100 standard, a higher level of quality control of manufacturing for aerospace is required. It also includes additional requirements unique to aerospace industry compared to the general-purpose ISO 9001 standard.

Medical Device Manufacturing

We registered as a medical device manufacturer (Fukushima Prefecture) to improve our quality control system in the medical field. We keep working on strengthening our quality control system to gain our customers' trust.

Certification Type Medical device manufacturing
Registration number 07BZ200088
Manufactory Name NAKANO INC.
Company Address 5-7 Sakutairi, Okajima, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken, 960-8201 Japan